• Current problems exist within the pharmaceutical and complementary medicine packaging industries allowing for easy access by infants and early primary aged children.

  • Void exists between child-resistant screw-cap bottles and conventional paperboard packaging for the introduction and application of PharmaLocTM.

  • Market is primed for the introduction of new tamperproof and child-resistant packaging as a result of varied and extensive negative media focus.

  • PharmaLocTM designed to take advantage of the global shift towards blister pack packaging for product efficacy and longevity and of amendments to pharmaceutical packaging requirements.

  • Revenue growth through the commercialisation of PharmaLocTM into the global US$57billion pharmaceutical packaging sector and through future sub-licensing rights. (Quoted by industry sources)

  • Screw-cap bottles are an inferior, outdated product with industry recognised design faults.

  • Licensees of PharmaLocTM will be well-placed to take advantage of amendments to the Australian and International Therapeutic Goods Acts and packaging requirements.

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