Packaging Overview

The role of packaging and labelling in the pharmaceutical industry has grown substantially over the past decade. Driving this market surge are a number of factors, including:
  • New packaging regulations and guidelines in North America and the European Union.

  • An increasing aged population in North America and Europe requiring senior-friendly packaging.

  • Packaging that meets the increasing threat of counterfeiting throughout the world.

  • New packaging that is suitable for novel drug delivery technologies.

  • Unit-dose packaging such as blister packaging and strip packs are becoming increasingly popular in the OTC and ethical markets.

  • Plastic accounts for 67% of all the packaging materials used in the US$57bn global pharmaceutical packaging market.

  • 25% is shared by paper and paper based products.

  • Glass’ share continues to be eroded by new material applications.

  • Plastic consumption within the pharmaceutical industry is currently driven by the screw-cap bottles which accounts for 19% of the pharmaceutical packaging market.

Pharmaceutical Industry Packaging Materials

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