Poisonings Facts

  • In 2001, 96 children ages 14 and under died as a result of unintentional poisoning. Children aged 4 and under accounted for more that 45% of these deaths.

  • In 2002, more than 1.2 million unintentional poisonings among children ages 5 and under were reported to U.S. poisons control centres.

  • In 2002, an estimated 111,870 children ages 14 and under were treated in hospital emergency rooms for unintentional poisoning. Nearly 80% of these injuries were to children ages 4 and under.

  • Nearly 90% of poisonings occur within the home.

  • Child-resistant packaging of prescription medication is effective in reducing the poisoning mortality rate among children ages 4 and under.

  • The use of child-resistant packaging was associated with a 34% reduction in the aspirin-related child death rate.

  • In one year alone, there were 11,649 incidences of poisoning in Victoria, Australia (1996)

  • The incidence rate for poisoning in the USA at the same time was approx. 1 in 391 or 0.26% or 694,829 people.

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